The Biggest Money Savers With Automating Your Workflows

Cut costs, make employees happier and have a more productive business by automating your workflows.

Is automation part of your business’s productivity strategy? How efficient are your current processes?

If your answers are “no” and “I don’t know,” it may be time to consider automating your workflows. While what you’re doing now might work, your workflows could be costing your business valuable profit.

Gain a competitive edge, make your employees happier and save money by automating tasks within your business. With so much to gain, why wait?

Uncover Costly Inefficiencies

Automating your workflows allows you to uncover costly inefficiencies in your business. On average, inefficiencies cost businesses 20% to 30% of their annual revenue. Imagine how much you could do with that kind of extra profit.

By simply automating some workflows, your business saves money. For instance, a process that typically takes an employee an hour to do, might be automated to take only 10 minutes. Automating in this case would eliminate a costly inefficiency.

Free Up Time

How often do your employees tell you they’re too busy to handle anything else? You could hire more employees, but that costs more money. Or, you might not have the budget for more employees, which results in your business plateauing.

Automating your workflows allows you to free up valuable time. You’d be surprised at just how many things your employees do every day that could be automated. For example, one business decided to automate a portion of their new hire process. Their Rosie The Robot program cut the task down from 30 minutes to just five. That means those employees handling those tasks gained an additional 30 minutes to work on other tasks.

By freeing up time, you save money by not having to hire extra people, while making your current employees far more efficient and productive.

Find Areas To Automate

Workflow automation is all well and good, but is it even possible in your business? That’s a resounding yes! One study found that up to 45% of common tasks employees perform regularly could be automated. In the United States alone, this could save businesses up to $2 trillion in annual wages.

The study also discovered that automating your workflows doesn’t just apply to lower level positions. Automation is beneficial and cost saving even at the CEO level.

Look for repetitive tasks and time consuming tasks. Many of these tasks can be automated. One example is recording and transcribing customer calls in real-time. Employees can highlight key aspects of the conversation as it’s going on. When the call is finished, so is the transcription and note taking. This saves employees hours of time on post-call tasks.

Boost Employee Morale

Happier employees are much more productive employees, which saves your business money. What you might not realize is automating your workflows helps boost employee morale by getting rid of boring, repetitive tasks. While you can’t eliminate all of these tasks, automating some of them does make a difference.

It shouldn’t be surprising to find that 90% of employees are bored at work. Boredom leads to slower work, feeling underutilized and just overall feeling miserable at work. On average, employees spend 19 days a year on these boring tasks.

However, if you could automate them, you’d not only free up 19 days a year for other tasks, but you’d be able to boost employee morale. They’d feel like their jobs were more meaningful, leading to increased productivity and creativity. Both of which help you to grow your business faster.

Automation Isn’t Complicated

Automating doesn’t have to be difficult either. The employees surveyed about boredom and productivity said slow/poor integration efforts (61%) and disconnected data (25%) were to blame for much of the repetition. Bringing data sources together and automating many data search and entry tasks is a great start.

Simply listening to your employees complaints will help you figure out where to start automating your workflows to improve your business. Of course, just looking at inefficient areas is also a great start.

At KOI, we want to help make your business more efficient and make your employees happier. We believe every business, no matter what your size or budget, should have access to the tools they need to automate their workflows and make managing their business easier than ever. That’s why we created our all-in-one business management software to help your business do more while paying less. If you’re ready to see the difference automation makes, consider partnering with KOI today and find out for yourself why KOI is the best and last Business Management Software you’ll ever need.


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