The Easy Ways To Keep Track Of Your Fitness Class Sizes

Focus more on your fitness classes by using the rights to make managing your business easy.

Healthy is trendy, which is a great thing. This also means fitness classes and businesses are booming.

While you might have a handle on certain aspects, is keeping track of your fitness class sizes more difficult than jumping into an advanced cardio class when you haven’t exercised in years?

Don’t worry. It’s easier than doing your first crunch and your business has a lot to benefit from by better managing your class sizes.

Why Does It Matter

Did you know that 81% of fitness studios close within a year? The biggest reason is owners are more passionate about fitness than the business end of things.

You already know accounting and marketing are important, but so is the customer experience. If your fitness class sizes are too large, it’s difficult for people to pay attention to the instructor. It also ends up being cramped and awkward. This doesn’t make for a great experience.

If your class sizes are too small, you might need to cut back how many classes you have. If you’re paying instructors to teach five classes a day, but there are only three or four people per class, you’d save money by dropping back to two classes a day. Saving money allows you to invest more into marketing and improving your fitness studio, further improving the customer experience.

Organize All Records Centrally

If you’re like most, a simple spreadsheet seems ample enough to track sign-ups and attendance. However, if each instructor has their own spreadsheet, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get an accurate overview of how each class and instructor is doing.

The last thing you want to do is appear disorganized when a new customer walks in. They want to sign up for a spin class and need to know what classes are available. You could try to access each instructor’s records separately or quickly bring up details on every spin class, the current class size and capacity and which classes are still open to new students.

Having all your class records organized in one place helps to give you a competitive edge. With the fitness industry growing by 3% to 4% annually over the last decade, staying competitive is vital to success.

Use A Single System

It’s far too common for fitness studios to use multiple software solutions to manage their business. This includes using a separate solution just to keep track of your fitness class sizes. The more software you use, the more difficult it is to keep track of everything.

If you want simplify your class size tracking, use a single system for as many management tasks as possible. Want to know how a class is performing? Generate a report in seconds. Want to know how your newest instructors’ classes compare to your senior instructors’ classes? With a single system, you’re able to generate a report to track the popularity of classes and class attendance based on an instructor’s hire date.

Keep All Sign-Ups Together

Who currently manages new sign-ups? Do you just write them down on a sheet and hand them out to their respective instructors? How often do students get overlooked or placed in the wrong class? Do they end up in classes that are already full?

Tracking your fitness class sizes gets much easier when you use the same system to not only manage current students, but to add new ones. Instead of paper sheets or a spreadsheet, everyone uses the exact same software solution to enter new sign-ups. This way, you never have to worry about information getting lost or left out.

Plus, no matter who is taking down the information, it’s all entered the exact same way. Any time an instructor wants to know how many new students to expect, it’s as easy as checking the system in a few clicks.

At KOI, we love making it easier for fitness studios to better manage their businesses. We believe it doesn’t matter how large or small the studio, you should have access to the tools you need to automate and manage daily business tasks, such as fitness classes. That’s why we built our all-in-one business management software so you can do more while paying less, letting you focus more on fitness. Consider partnering with KOI today and find out for yourself why KOI is the best and last Business Management Software you’ll ever need.


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