Growing Your Wellness Business Through Customer Feedback

Happier customers equal a thriving business. Let customer feedback help you create happy customers!

Your wellness business exists to promote healthy, more well-balanced living for your customers, but what about your business?

While you’re busy focusing on running the business, you might not notice ways you can improve. The good news is your customers are more than willing to help you. You just have to listen.

The future wellness of your business depends on knowing what your customers want and need. So, let your customers help you out.

Improve Your Services To Match Needs

Are the services you’re offering really what your customers want? Maybe hour-long sessions don’t fit into everyone’s schedule. Offering a 30-minute option could actually boost business. However, you won’t know that unless you start gathering customer feedback.

While you won’t be able to cater to everyone, you can gather feedback and uncover trends in complaints, requests and overall feedback to help you improve your services to match what your customers want most. This gives you a highly competitive edge.

Showcase How Important Your Customers Are

Your most important mission with your wellness business is to make your customers feel wanted. If you’re just trying to sell, sell, sell, they’re going to realize you don’t care about them. While offering great service is a start, listening to feedback is the perfect way to show customers that they’re important to you.

After all, they’re spending their hard earned money at your business. Implementing their feedback shows you value both their time and money.

Did you know that work-related stress is currently a $300 billion issue? This means your customers need great wellness businesses more than ever to help them combat this type of stress and others. However, if you want them to choose yours, offer them ways to tell you what they want and need so you can improve.

Better Understand Your Customers

Maybe you opened your wellness business with millennials in mind, but do you know how many baby boomers are interested in feeling better and relaxing? The truth is, you may not always fully understand who your target audience is unless you do some research and study some analytics.

Gathering customer feedback is one of the best ways to do this. By listening to feedback, you might see where your business is lacking for a demographic you didn’t even know were interested. The more you understand your audience, the more popular your business becomes.

Maintain A Competitive Edge

The overall global wellness industry was worth $4.2 trillion in 2017. This means it’s a crowded niche, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up. If the industry is growing, people are interested. You just have to find a way to stay competitive. If you’re thinking just branching into a smaller niche will help, the health and wellness spa niche has grown 2.6% in just five years and is worth $19 billion as of 2019.

The best way to maintain a competitive edge is to listen to what your customers have to say. From online reviews to old-school feedback cards at your business, every bit of feedback is important.

Know What New Services To Introduce

You could just jump on whatever is trending, or you could listen to what your customers are asking for. Maybe they don’t want goat yoga, but prefer Reiki instead. Instead of wasting money introducing services your customers don’t care about, give them what they want. You can even ask them flat out what they want and need or give them a list of options to vote on.

Gathering Customer Feedback

All of this advice might be nice, but now you’re probably wondering how to actually gather and use the feedback. Marketing & Growth Hacking offers seven great ways to gather feedback online and Business News Daily includes advice for making it more effective. Of course, traditional paper feedback cards work too.

Once you have the feedback, enter all of it in to your business management system. This allows you to run detailed reports to see trends, uncover common issues and much more. You can even integrate certain online options into your system to gather the feedback automatically. You can also make notes on what actions to take and when.

At KOI, we love the idea of making businesses and their customers happier. We also believe every wellness business, no matter how big or small, should have access to the tools they need to automate and manage daily business tasks, including handling feedback. That’s why we built our all-in-one business management software so you can do more while paying less. Consider partnering with KOI today and find out for yourself why KOI is the best and last Business Management Software you’ll ever need.


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