How To Maintain Client Retention Through Automation And Engagement

Customer loyalty is as easy as engaging your customers. Automate the process and watch the amazing things that can happen!

Clients are the single most important part of any business. After all, without clients, you don’t make money and your business can’t grow.

While you should always try to market to bring in new clients, client retention is far more cost effective. Building customer loyalty leads to organic marketing via word-of-mouth, making it cheaper to build your business.

You don’t need fancy gimmicks to retain your clients, though. Instead, automation and engagement are the keys.

The Customer Experience

Sure, you may offer excellent service in your yoga studio or fitness center, but what about after the customer leaves? Customer experience, or CX, is the latest marketing and branding strategy and for good reason. If you don’t think CX is all that important, consider these statistics:

  • A shocking 86% of customers will pay more for a great experience
  • Only 1% of customers feel brands provide a great experience
  • CX leaders beat S&P 500 index companies by almost 80%
  • 84% of businesses focusing on CX see an increase in revenue

Doesn’t all of that sound beneficial? Imagine being able to charge a bit more for your yoga classes, allow you to pay your employees more, making everyone happier. If you’re providing a great experience, clients are happy to pay a little more, even if your competition is undercutting you on pricing.

Automating Marketing

CX starts from the moment a client interacts with you. For instance, you may get an email from a client wanting to know more about your classes, instructors, pricing or anything else. If it gets lost among dozens of other emails, you may not reply to it in a timely manner or at all. Since the average employee receives 121 messages a day, this is a likely possibility.

With automation tools, you can pull important messages to the forefront and schedule replies. These are added to your daily schedule and nothing gets forgotten. Plus, you can quickly make a note to follow up in a few days if you don’t get a reply back.

By automating part of the marketing process, no client is left out. They get timely responses and you’re able to maintain contact with them.

Study Clients’ Needs

Clients love personalization. In fact, over half of customers may leave a business just because of generic communications, such as email and texts. If you want to increase engagement, which is part of CX, you need to personalize their experience. This is where business management software can help, especially software that integrates most of your needs into one tool.

Even if you’re just a small yoga studio, your clients expect some level of personalization. By using a single integrated system, you can gather large amounts of data about your clients. From questions they’ve asked to how they interact in classes, the right tool can give you valuable insight into what your clients want most.

Run reports to learn about what your client wants and needs. You can then recommend classes, products and specialized fitness plans. If new clients fill out a membership form, use that to better personalize the experience inside your yoga studio or any other business. Then, personalize all communications to build stronger relationships with your customers to keep them coming back.

Automate Reminders

It’s not unusual for someone to be genuinely interested in a business but get caught up and forget about it. This is where automation helps improve engagement and CX.

For instance, say you get a question in your email from a potential new client. They’re eager to join your yoga studio, but just aren’t sure it’s right for them. You give them all the information they ask for and then it’s radio silence.

You could just move on or use automation to send out a follow-up message after several days. If there’s still no response, automatically send out a second follow-up with a discount or a free class to let them try your studio.

For existing clients, the same strategy works. Maybe someone had a baby and hasn’t come back yet. By adding a flag in your client notes, you can automatically send out a reminder in 3-6 months to come back to their yoga family. Offer a new mommy discount to retain your client.

At KOI, we love the idea of making not only business owners and employees happier, but your clients too. We also believe businesses of all sizes and budgets should have access to the right tools to automate and manage daily business tasks. That’s why we built our all-in-one business management software to help you do more (and retain clients) while paying less. Consider partnering with KOI today and find out for yourself why KOI is the best and last Business Management Software you’ll ever need.


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