This Is How You Stop Managing Multiple Schedules The Hard Way

Finally make scheduling a simple process that makes businesses more productive and efficient.

Sometimes managing multiple schedules seems like trying to juggle a dozen chainsaws and failing miserably.

Ultimately, something gets forgotten or you just end so stressed out that you burn out. Neither of those scenarios helps your business grow.

Tired of managing all these schedules the hard way? Then stop. There is a much better way and it’s called automation!

Never Forget To Schedule Something

You’ve probably seen plenty of articles about how to better manage your schedules. For instance, Entrepreneur has a well intentioned list of tips for managing your schedule like a pro (good advice for organizing a schedule, though). That’s fine if you only have to worry about yourself.

However, business owners and employees have to juggle multiple schedules to coordinate team meetings, calls with clients, hiring new people and much more. Suddenly, simple scheduling tips don’t work so well. This is also when things tend to get forgotten.

Forgetting a meeting or to follow up with a client could have devastating consequences. Instead, automate your scheduling to add dates and times to your calendar and company calendars automatically. It’s quick and easy and nothing gets forgotten.

Stop The Back And Forth Scheduling

Did you know that middle and upper management spend 35% to 50% of their time in meetings? In fact, there are 25 million meetings daily in the US alone. That may sound like a lot of time, but this doesn’t count how much time you spend trying to schedule those meetings. You call or send an email to find the perfect time. Multiple calls and messages later, you’re at an impasse.

Instead of spending precious hours of your day trying to schedule a 30 minute meeting, use a scheduling tool that can quickly see where different schedules both have time available. Suddenly, your back and forth scheduling battle is solved in seconds. Sounds nice, right?

Prevent Double-Booking And Overwhelming Employees

One of the biggest problems with managing multiple schedules is double-booking. Even though you try, you might miss something that’s already been scheduled. You’re just so excited that you discovered a free spot in most of the schedules that you don’t even notice the one thing listed on the last schedule.

Often times, double-booking just leads to more frustration and makes employees feel overwhelmed. In fact, this could lead to burnout, which can cause up to 46% of employees to quit yearly. While making the work environment more engaging and allowing a more flexible schedule help, making daily scheduling and task management easier are great ways to prevent employees from getting overwhelmed.

Plus, double-booking always means someone is left disappointed and you have to waste time re-scheduling.

Always Know Who Has Time And When

Managing multiple schedules complicates an already complex work environment. Did you know that 74% of employees consider their workplaces to be complex or very complex? Constantly trying to figure out when to schedule time with clients, co-workers and their boss only makes the situation more complex.

Luckily, scheduling automation simplifies at least this part of an employee’s job. Since scheduling becomes more centralized, it’s easy to see when someone has time available and when. A quick glance is all it takes versus going back and forth through calls, messages and face-to-face conversations.

Better Manage Your Time

When you’re incredibly busy all the time and managing multiple schedules, you might wonder where all your time actually goes. The most productive and successful people get more from their schedules than just knowing what to do and when.

They also learn how to better manage their time. By automating the scheduling process, you can also gain valuable insight into how many meetings employees have each week, how long they take and even if there’s the opportunity to have fewer meetings.

Automating schedules and calendars helps provide business owners and employees with a clear view of where their time goes every day. Use this data to create a more productive and engaging workplace.

Automation is the key to effectively managing multiple schedules the easy way. Don’t let the hard way hurt your employees or business.

At KOI, we love doing what we can to make business owners and employees happier. We also believe every size business deserves access to the right tools necessary to automate and manage daily business schedules and tasks. This is why we built our all-in-one business management software so you can do more while paying less. Consider partnering with KOI today and find out for yourself why KOI is the best and last Business Management Software you’ll ever need.


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