Simplify Marketing For Your Martial Arts Studio/Dojo

Don't let complicated marketing ruin your passion! Simplify marketing, grow your dojo and improve student satisfaction.

You’re ready to bring the fun and benefits of martial arts to people of all ages, but first, you have to get the word out.

However, marketing for your martial arts studio is often easier said than done. In fact, just choosing what tools to use can take away all the peace you get from practicing and teaching your chosen discipline.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time on your classes and less time figuring out how to reach more people? Luckily, you can get exactly that.

Don’t Guess – Know

While that may sound vague, a common reason many martial arts studios fail is they tend to just fly blind. Owners follow their passion without really knowing much about managing the actual business. If you have a dozen spreadsheets, a few cloud apps, a random accounting tool and sticky notes covering your walls, you probably don’t have a great overview of your business.

Even worse, you may not have a clue about your target audience, what’s working and what’s not. For instance, why did you experience 25% growth in the fourth month, but 5% in the eight month? Did you try something different with your marketing? Was it an issue with a class? Perhaps it was a bad review or not following up on an important phone call.

Stop guessing and organize all your data into one place. The first step to simplifying your marketing is to have a clear picture of everything that’s going on in your martial arts studio.

Know What Your Students Like

Are you currently spreading yourself thin trying to market on social media, email campaigns, online ads, print ads and so on? Just marketing on several social media platforms is tiresome. Smart Insights currently lists dozens of potential marketing channels. While omnichannel marketing is great, there is such as thing as too much.

The easiest way to simplify this problem is to know what your students like. What marketing channels do they prefer? Run marketing tests and track the results. Using an all-in-one business management tool, you can keep track of where students are coming from. Drop the channels that aren’t yielding results and make the most important marketing channels your priority. Disruptive Advertising lists the most important channels to test in 2019.

Stay In Contact

While this might not seem like a marketing strategy for your martial arts studio, simply retaining the students you have helps to simplify marketing. Retention is just as important, if not more important, as increasing your students.

If a student is missing classes or seems to be struggling, make a note of it. Reach out to see what’s wrong or how you can help. That little bit of extra effort provides an incredible customer experience. Of course, you need a tool to help you easily see data on attendance, notes about each student, previous contact and more.

Of course, this is also important for growth. Not only will happy customers recommend your dojo, responding quickly to potential students who have questions encourages them to choose your dojo over another.

Yet, when you receive multiple calls, emails, texts and so on each day, some things might fall through the cracks. This is one area where negative reviews pop up unexpectedly. You could try to battle negative reviews and market your martial arts studio even harder or make sure everyone’s happy to begin with.

Using a tool that pulls in details from messages, provides an easy way to take notes and tie them back to the student and notifies you to follow up is crucial to simplifying your marketing.

Know Your Competition

Sometimes, all you have to do is know what your competition is doing wrong. Simply focus on solving those problems and market your dojo as the solution to all those issues.

Of course, this goes back to gathering details about your students. Why did they switch to your dojo? Why did they choose you over someone else? Listen to their complaints, not just about a past martial arts studio, but your own.

A simply marketing strategy that showcases all the benefits over your competition, along with testimonials you’ve gathered from real students, helps to give your dojo an edge. Plus, it’s much easier to market yourself if you let your students and the competition give you everything you need.

At KOI, we want to help you not only simplify your marketing, but better manage all aspects of your business while still pursuing your passion. Even if you’re just starting out, we believe all businesses of all budgets and sizes deserve access to the tools they need to manage daily business tasks, such as marketing. That’s why we built our all-in-one business management software so you can grow your dojo while paying less. Consider partnering with KOI today and find out for yourself why KOI is the best and last Business Management Software you’ll ever need.


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