Stop Doing These 6 Workflow Automation Mistakes

Spilling coffee might seem tragic, but these workflow automation mistakes are even worse. The best part is they're easy to avoid!

Have workflow automation mistakes soured your business on the idea? The best part of mistakes is you get to learn from them and try again.

Whether you’ve embraced workflow automation or not, it’s always good to make sure you’re not making any major mistakes.

By avoiding common mistakes, you’ll have a more efficient workplace, happier employees and happier customers.

1. Doing Too Much Too Soon

This is probably true for any new processes or technologies. If your business tries to jump into workflow automation headfirst, you’re not going to have the best experience. Even though it does help your business, you have to take it slow.

For best results, start with one process. Even better, start with a non-critical process. This gives you a chance to see the benefits, work out any kinks and establish a solid process for automating other workflows later on. Plus, this gives your employees a chance to see how it all works out.

2. Not Getting Enough Input

Did you consult any of the supervisors or employees involved in the current manual workflow? If not, you’re guilty of one of the biggest workflow automation mistakes. People naturally object to change. In this instance, if you’re not involving them and getting their input, they’re less likely to embrace the new workflow process.

Not only does this affect efficiency, but overall employee happiness and engagement. Instead, get their input, make them feel valued and create even more efficient automation processes based on that input.

3. Making Systems Harder To Use

The entire idea behind automation is to make things easier. However, 70% of businesses feel work is too complicated. Part of that is due to overly complex systems that make employees feel more like they’re fighting to accomplish anything versus actually being productive.

If workplace automation increases the difficulty of using your current systems, something is wrong. It should never complicate things. In most cases, simplifying the process and the tools used is the solution.

4. Not Testing Before Implementation

Out of all workflow automation mistakes, this is the worst. While the workflow looks great on paper, it doesn’t mean it’ll work in the real world. Unless you test it before a full implementation, it’s an inevitable disaster.

No matter what solutions you use to automate your workflows, always test the process thoroughly before doing a full implementation. Test it out on a mirrored system that won’t affect your current business. Perfecting the workflow before implementing it will save you numerous headaches and of course, time.

5. Adding Too Many New Tools

Apps are the solution to everything in business, right? To a point at least. However, adding too many new tools, especially when trying to automate your workflows, just creates employee overload. The average employee switches between 35 apps a day, making over a thousand switches daily. That’s way too much.

If you have to add more tools for your employees to learn, on top of what they already use, you’ll just cause them to waste time versus being more efficient. Workflow automation tools should make things easier and simplify your employees’ days.

6. Never Re-Evaluating Your Workflow

Never re-evaluating your workflow is second only to a lack of testing when it comes to workflow automation mistakes. As your business and technology change, your workflows have to change to keep up. As with any type of technology, you have to update it to keep it current. Workflow automation isn’t a set it once and you’re done.

Instead, see how the workflow is currently performing. Is it still meeting or exceeding the goals you originally set? Is it keeping up with your updated goals? If the answers are “no,” it’s time to see what you can change. A few updates now and again can drastically improve your business’s efficiency.

Workflow automation mistakes don’t have to ruin the benefits. Learn when you do make a mistake and if possible, avoid them. Then, enjoy the benefits your business deserves.

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