Build an all-in-one Business Management Software so good that our customers can pay less, do more and future proof their businesses

All-in-one Business Management Software

Manage people, inventories, physical locations and any other unique business assets and resources in one central, connected and flexible system.

While KOI has a full-featured Client Relationship Manager (CRM), it also allows you to create and manage:

  • Any physical and digital assets unique to your business
  • Access, Roles, permissions to all your assets
  • Business locations
  • Workflow
  • Device integrations to connect your Point-of-Sales to your data
  • And more!

Along with a suite of common business management tools, our Business Rule Engine allows you to create and attach rules, filters and alert triggers to any of your resources.

Now, you can find out ahead of time if one of your leads is about to convert AND your staff needs a new snack order ASAP.

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